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A microframework for C based on GLib.
balde_request_t Struct Reference

balde HTTP request context More...

#include <balde.h>

Data Fields

 A structure that stores the authorization data received from the client.
const gchar * server_name
 Request server name.
const gchar * script_name
 Request script name.
const gchar * path
 Request path.
balde_http_method_t method
 Request HTTP method. More...
gboolean https
 Request using encrypted connection.
struct _balde_request_private_t * priv
 Private structure. More...

Detailed Description

balde HTTP request context

This struct stores everything related to the request context. It stays loaded in memory during all the request life time, and is initialized automatically by the application main loop.

hello-with-cookies.c, hello-with-form.c, hello-with-template.c, hello-with-url_for.c, and hello.c.

Field Documentation

◆ method

Request HTTP method.

Can be used to verify which method was used by the client doing the current request.


◆ priv

struct _balde_request_private_t* priv

Private structure.

Shouldn't be touched by users.

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